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AMA Supermoto - Irwindale

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Even though I came in second to last and dead last in my races Sunday at San Mateo, I had a blast doing Super Motard with Super Moto USA on my Derbi 70. If any of you guys are thinking about getting into racing, just take any old dirtbike and slap some 17" wheels on it, or say the hell with it and run it in Sportsman (stock big wheels). There's a class for any bike you can imagine, as well as classes for kids and old-timers as well (although the old guys are often the fastest!)

It's so much fun, it's cheap, and it will give you mad skillz for da street as Mr. AllCaps would say. Motard organizations and tracks are popping up all over, so odds are you can do it near you.

In the old days, every serious motorcyclist competed in some event. Let's hope that's starting up again!
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Re: YEAH!!!


Right on! I've been following this SuperMoto thing pretty close and plan on jumping in with both feet. My 43 year old body needs too long to recover from hare scrambles these days. I'd like to see the manufacturers sell supermoto kits that bolt on to your motocrossers or dual sports (ala ATK) so it would be easier to get started.

I'll see you in the Vet class!
Re: YEAH!!!

If your body is having trouble coping with the rigors of Hare Scrambles, you are going to HATE Supermoto. It is absoloutely brutal, lots of crashing on HARD surfaces.
Vet Class?

Hey man, I'm only 34! Unless you mean USMC veterans!
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