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AMA Supermoto Season to Date

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I sure wish I could have seen this one! Maybe the final. Maybe.
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Round 3 had poll sitter Chandler and Carlson twisting it up into turn 1 and Chandler having his left foot hanging at a right-angle to his leg. It was awful to see for him. I was looking forward to seeing him do well out there.

Now a comment about the OLN announcers: Where did they get these guys? I heard one of these two yo-yo's say something about first time riders are taught to not touch the front brake while learning to ride as they can go right over the handlebars. What??? Did I miss something? Then he went on to say once they get better they start using the fronts as they provide 80% of the breaking power. That MAY be true under normal street conditions but the racers get 100% from the front. Hell most of them don't have enough of a contact patch on the rear under breaking to do anything.

Loved the coverage of the Supermoto. They showed some of the qualifying laps. They whole main event and some background info on both the players and the event. Those two announcers where idiots though.
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