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AMA vs Buell

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I agree with the letter..why keep him out..rex
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so what is the AMA's side for keeping him out????

the article doesnt state it exactly. it addresses issues of uncompetitiveness, and possible safety issues regarding the bike.

Those seem to be nonissues (although he states his lap times, the FX laptimes are not, hmmm is there more there?)
AMA's decision makes no sense to me. The American Motorcycle Association should have a class in which an American machine can compete.
Correct me if I'm wrong

But it is basically AMA saying that Buell can't cut it in Formula Xtreme, which is really the any-thing-goes techno-lust-fest for Japanese I4sL

Do you honestly think a 1.2L, air/oil cooled V-twin Buell is going to have a hope-in-hell of being competitive with a tweaked-to-the-moon GSXR-1K, CBR1000, ZX10R, or R1?

With the 1L Buell only able to keep pace (how can it be "lightly modified" if that lump is putting out 112+ hp?) with 600 supersports, I don't see what there is to really gripe about here.
Re: Correct me if I'm wrong

While I am a big fan of the new Buells I too have a tough time believing that they will be competitive in FX's 'techno-lust-fest' even with the impressive HP numbers quoted. However, I think the AMA is grasping at straws when they claim concerns about safety or unsavory pit crews. (Yes, I know the previous Harley/Buell superbike was an oil-leaking, parts-spewing sonofa***** but I dont think it really compares to a new XB12R). So, what is the AMA really saying? 'We think you will get your ass handed to you every race and we want to spare you the embarassment?' Give me a break. Let the guy race. Let him on as an expo or something and tell him he gets one season to prove the safety and relative competitiveness of the bike. At least give him a chance to embarass himself, if that ends up being the case:)
Seems to me it is the American manufactuers responsibility to have a machine that can compete in AMA racing.
Re: Correct me if I'm wrong

Well that would be Buell's problem would it not? Why not let them show what they can or cant do?
Re: Correct me if I'm wrong

Sorry, I meant my reply to the message above yours.
Re: Correct me if I'm wrong

Your missing the point. The AMA is eliminating the 1L I4s from FormX racing. The new rules will allow modified 600's (liquid cooled I4), and I believe 750 vtwins (also liquid cooled). So his point is an air cooled 1200 vtwin could compete in this class, and he is right IMHO.
Re: Correct me if I'm wrong

For 04 formula extreme is going to change to 600 c.c. bikes with unlimited mods, check your facts first, and yes they might be competitive.
3 600cc classes next year

Are there going to be 3 600cc classes of racing next year?



and now Formula Xtreme too??

If that's the case he'd be riding the XB9R not the 12 in Xtreme

Ducgroupie out
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Re: 3 600cc classes next year

There are really only two classes for 600cc bikes next year, and they are quite different. They are:

"Supersport" - for mostly "stock" 600cc bikes on DOT race tires.

"Formula Extreme" - drops the 1000cc and 750cc fours, for heavily modified 600/4s and 750/Twins on slicks. (though I believe a Supersport legal 600 could probably be raced in Extreme, with a simple tire swap.)

The "Superstock" class is being modified to allow 1000cc inline 4s next year. I believe there is still some debate as to whether or not to stick with DOT race tires, or allow full slicks for safety's sake.
Re: 3 600cc classes next year

So the final draft of the Formula Extreme eliminated the air cool twins then?? I thought I saw a first draft with the air cooled twins.
I see what their problem is! You have to read the letter all the way to the signature to understand why they aren't letting him in:


Michael Ciccotto #13
Oil leaks. What a load of BS. I just read the Winnetka Cycle piece- maybe they think o-ringing should be against the rules?

Perhaps if I decide not to renew my membership in protest, the AMA will hear?
I think the question is how can the AMA not make room for a Buell. Motorcycle roadracing in this country is hardly overly popular. I believe that Buell could potentially bring the interest of a huge fan base, one that has felt largely disenfrancised from the sport for 30 years now. I miss Rayborn and the gang on their "Halloween Specials". The sound of those bikes was music to my ears. I'm mostly a riceburner fan but I say let them be competitive and let them race! As far as "bring teams that should not be there?" goes, Hogwash! (some pun intended) I can only guess what that remark implied... . Hey AMA don't get all NASCAR on us remember your roots. Is there not room for all Motorcyclists within your organization? Within Motorcycle Roadracing?
Hey MO gang, why not settle some of the performance debate and do a 600 vs. Buell shootout. If, as you stated in the Buell vs. Ducati ss900 review, that the Buell ran off and left an R1 in the canyons, then 600s on a racetrack shouldn't be much different. At least it would give us some lap times to compare. Numbers baby, it's all in the numbers. Or is it?
Why allow an air cooled twin of 1200cc compete with a liquid cooled 600cc or liquid cooled 750cc machine?

Seems obvious to me, his displacement is too large. Why doesn't he run a 1000cc air cooled engine?
Look at it again, he was running a "nearly stock XB9R..." That's 984cc.

Take a look at the lap times from BIR in 2002; the Super bikes were running times in the low 1:37 range, the Super Sport were in the 1:41’s, Formula Xtreme were in the 1:38 range, Super stock were in the 1:40’s, 250 two strokers were in the 1:42’s and the Buell Pro Thunder were in the 1:44’s. To make it worse Ducati 748's dominated the series.

That is why AMA will not set up another class just for an American made motorcycle. I believe that someday Polaris will build a bike that can compete in AMA, Buell had there chance and blew it.

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