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Re: Correct me if I'm wrong

While I am a big fan of the new Buells I too have a tough time believing that they will be competitive in FX's 'techno-lust-fest' even with the impressive HP numbers quoted. However, I think the AMA is grasping at straws when they claim concerns about safety or unsavory pit crews. (Yes, I know the previous Harley/Buell superbike was an oil-leaking, parts-spewing sonofa***** but I dont think it really compares to a new XB12R). So, what is the AMA really saying? 'We think you will get your ass handed to you every race and we want to spare you the embarassment?' Give me a break. Let the guy race. Let him on as an expo or something and tell him he gets one season to prove the safety and relative competitiveness of the bike. At least give him a chance to embarass himself, if that ends up being the case:)
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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