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I think the question is how can the AMA not make room for a Buell. Motorcycle roadracing in this country is hardly overly popular. I believe that Buell could potentially bring the interest of a huge fan base, one that has felt largely disenfrancised from the sport for 30 years now. I miss Rayborn and the gang on their "Halloween Specials". The sound of those bikes was music to my ears. I'm mostly a riceburner fan but I say let them be competitive and let them race! As far as "bring teams that should not be there?" goes, Hogwash! (some pun intended) I can only guess what that remark implied... . Hey AMA don't get all NASCAR on us remember your roots. Is there not room for all Motorcyclists within your organization? Within Motorcycle Roadracing?
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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