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AMA Working To End Health Care Discrimination

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Wow first post! Cagers won't be happy if they have to pay even a tiny bit more to cover our sightly higher mortality rates. After all insurance is based on statistics.
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ok lets look at all "unhealthy activities" fat folks while nice enough shouldn't be covered for a myriad of things drugies shouldn't get ssi for a "disability" smokers I mean if were going to be exclusionary lets go all the way. It's crazy to say that if I am a fat crack addict that drank I get coverage but because I am healthy use a legal form of transport that I am uncovered what stupidity we have wrought upon ourselves this is what happens when we allow the commies to run things. We must take up arms against this tyrannical government so we may instill democracy and freedom for all. Ahh whatever
ok so it's time to go wolf hunting??? Actually I just want everyone to get screwed equally we all have "dangerous habits". Can't we all just hug and get along.
I agree but I also think that if this is how we are going to view it then it should be that way for all unhealthy habits
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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