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not suprising, as a member of the military I find myself in much the same boat, in order to take part in activities such as motorcycling you must take the msf course every 3 years, and wear full safety equipment, long pants and shirt, over the ankle boots gloves and a dot legal helmet regardless of local ordinance, oh and one of those dumb reflective safety vests. (ask any construction flager how well they work shaking a cager out of their celular induced coma) I have heard some horror stories of members denied medical coverage or being reprimaded in the event of a crash when they had not taken the safety course. The problem with the whole deal is with the insurance, the company takes your money and then spend half of it figuring out ways not to cover you in the event you try to collect on your policy, then when they do pay out you get jamed with the bill in the form of higher premiums. It's legalized (and legaly required in most cases) extorsion.

putting an end to frivoulus lawsuits would help the situation

and thats todays rant

I need a beer..
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