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AMA Working To End Health Care Discrimination

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Wow first post! Cagers won't be happy if they have to pay even a tiny bit more to cover our sightly higher mortality rates. After all insurance is based on statistics.
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Re: Choices...

However, who decides what riskier endeavors are. In my insurer's case motorcycle riding is considered risky but snow skiing, rock climbing aren't go figure... So I support the AMA in this activity.
I agree but I also think that if this is how we are going to view it then it should be that way for all unhealthy habits
Right. If you smoke no insurance, drink no health insurance, eat to much no health insurance, too old no health insurance, too young no health insurance. See where I am going. Who decides? If you leave it up the insurance companies only healthy white female lesbians 16-25 would be covered...White males drive poorly counts them out. Black males get murdered more often...Hetorsexuals would be too risky.
If a rider shows up at an ER with severe injuries, the hospital has to treat him regardless of his insurance or lack of it and then be forced to collect thru a collection agency if necessary. Maybe anyone purchasing a motorcycle should be made to post a bond of say $50,000 to cover uninsured injuries to protect the hospital. Nothing like personal responsibility.
Yep that would do it :) Excellent Point. I think most folks just assume their employer sponsered health plan will cover them, I did. My wife, being a smart and careful consumer, didn't assume anything. That's why I carry more insurance. It sucks but...
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