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Hello all,
I would love feedback from anyone, and especially any suggestions on marketing prints of this piece. I would like to put an ad in a motorcycle magazine but not sure which one to go with.

Here is Klazy Ken marketing strategy:

1. We dump this "pencil" thing. WHO WANT STUPID PENCIL DRAWING??? My kid draw picture of motorcycle with pencil, nobody going to buy that crap! Quality what you need is, black velvet. You ever use Blendy Pens?? You make thousand colors, with just 12 pens. Very classy, this is future of art, Klazy Ken says.

2. You need to promote yourself more better! Ok, so you win contest, get a few ribbon. Pot-bellied pig Ling Ling win ribbon at County Fair, BIG DEAL. We need hot photos of you painting black velvet wearing sexy undawear. SEX SELL, neva foget dat. Look at, dey got de idea hea. BTW, we gonna bump you login name up 1 numba. Get attention!

3. We need money to start ad campaign right away. First ting is trip to Bahamas on my yacht to promote velvet art at big Walker's Cay Fishing Rodeo. Yacht owna got lots money, dey always looking for someting sexy to hang in cabin. Can you get $20,000 by Wednesday? Call you parents, friends, this you big break, GET BUSY!

That all for now. You send money chop chop!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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