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Americade Rally Feedback

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This year was my second trip to Americade, the rally for riders. I consider it the next best thing to riding. Having been to the "rif-raf" rallies, Americade is substantially different. Great events, demo rides, great people, locals who appreciate you being there $$$$$$. I could go every year. If you haven't been, and love to ride, you should go. The only down side, is when you leave, you miss the other motorcycles, and need to turn your rider radar back on.

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So,,,, a rally without a bunch of drunks, load pipes and half nekkid middle-age people dressed up like Marlon Brando. A rally that people have to actually RIDE their bikes too (except the Ultra-Glide Classic in the trailer). I'm not sure it'll catch on guy's.,,,,, No, really looks like a lot of fun. We used to go camping in up-state New York when I was a kid, and my dad and I went to the Watkins Glen rally every year. And you'll note the writer had the good sense to make a bee line to the SV650 tent.
Got your first scratch on that ancient design inline4 (they first came out in the 1910s) yet?
Hey Buddy! ancient my ass, this one has water-cooling AND electric start!! The guy looked at me funny when I asked for a spare zenier diode, He mustn't have been around Triumphs very long,,,,And it looks like a rear shock fell off because I can only find one, Typical Limey junk. No scratches yet, as long as I can keep my kids and dogs away from it I'll be OK.
Does it come stock with the accessory drip pan to put on the garage floor?

How about the tool kit. Is it still a Whitworth?

When are you going to find time to drill all the nuts and bolts and install aircraft wire?

Yeah the original caption on the 'glide in the trailer was "How NOT to get to Americade"

My buddy was running around with the camera harrassing those guys, askinig them how far they had to trailer to get to Americade. Pretty funny stuff.
It is nice to see Americade get coverage. I grew up in the area, a tank of gas away, and miss the area. Lake George is a lot of fun, even when Americade is gone. You just kind of made me homesick.
I actually have a coffee can full of Whitworth spanners (235/382nds wrench anyone? ) Instead of saftey wire I just tighten everything up, then go around with a hammer and pean the end of the threads, saves all the drilling.
I'm sorry. I forgot. the Brits don't have wrenches... they have spanners.

How many helmets fit in the boot?
I have been going to Americade for about 14 years

now. It's a great rally for one main reason. Roads.

If riding and roads are what you are about you will really enjoy this rally which was started by a group of people who knew good roads and rides when they saw them. Yes it's geared towards touring riders but anyone who enjoys riding all day long and then relaxing in town during the evening will have a great time. 14 years at the same rally is too much though and this will be the last year for me.

I will be looking for a summer time rally or it's 1 week to sturgis, 1 week there, 1 week back.

Coming from the east coast I think this would be an enjoyable way to do it. Riding. I currently have a buell cyclone...but I think I should consider a different bike for this ride. What do you think a using a concours for such a trip ?
Either a Concours.... or an SV650 or a used VFR would be best! ;-)
If only you used your powers for good instead of evil,,,,,,,
A connie is a best bet. they are the best value in Motorcycling, year in, year out. they can be had brand new for $7,500 out the door, or $4,000 for a good used one, not more then a few years old. They are reliable as a hammer, and are all day comfortable. They run well into the hundreds of thousands of miles before failing. Shortfalls are topheaviness, heat at the leg area and a vibration in the bars right at cruising speed
Then I'll take that as a compliment. Glad you enjoyed the article.
Yep! Everything you said is very true. I have to willfully force myself not to wave all week long, as I think my arm would fall off by weeks end if I was waving at 60,000 of my best friends! After I'm home though, the old habits return.
The person who convinced Keri Russell to cut her hair.
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