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What is the deal with the public lands controversy?

Someone out there take the chance to make this honda press release actually worth something. What, in simple terms, is the deal with the "public lands controversy"?

Being a road rider only, from Massachusetts, I'm not up on the issue. I did see a report last night on the news that up in New Hampshire, there are so many ATVs buzzing around in the woods now (something like a 150% increase over the course of the 90's) that it's starting to cause problems/require law enforcement as little kiddies are taking themselves out by riding like idiots, and the few cops up there can't catch them, of course.

I take it people are trying to prevent "pristine wilderness" from being "overrun" by "hordes of buzzing, polluting ATVs". What are the sides on this issue?

Educate! Testify!

Thanks in advance
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