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Re: What is the deal with the public lands controversy?

It's a big battle here in MN, also. I'm kind of torn on the issue, since I race motocross on private tracks, and have access to private land to ride four wheelers and my dirt bike. What about those who don't? I support ATV access to some public lands, but definetly not all. Is it the government's role to accomodate the large increase in ATV ownership by increasing the amount of public land available to ride on? I'm not sure it is. Part of me says don't buy an ATV unless you have your own private land, or access to someone else's, to ride on.

ATV advocates can talk all they want, but ATVing is a high impact activity. It just is. Knobby tires, machines that must weight at least 600-1000 lbs, all kinds of power. And the most fun activities are also the most high impact (mud bogging, hill climbing, etc). It is very common to see ATV trails in the ditches along any type of road once you get to the suburbs, and every time there is a trail going up a hill, there is significant erosion happening. There is no reason to think it would be any different on public lands.

On another note, as a honda fan, how fun would it be to be part of that promotion? Off roading all the way across the country. OK, the SUV part would suck (since SUVs suck in general, and you could probably drive a civic on the roads they are talking about), but the ATV, boating and horseback riding would be awesome.
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