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American Honda Regains #1 Spot

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It is quite a bold move for Honda to eliminate all US 2-strokes. For the diehard CR fans the way to go will be north to Canada for importing. The other manufacturers should see an increase in motocross 2-stroke sales, but the death of the 2-stroke comes quickly upon us and Honda is promoting it. This is certainly good news for enviro-freaks, but in the big picture, does it really make much of a difference. My feeling is that even the modern 4-stroke is antiquated in ways and that there should be more development towards alternative power sources, or at least use of alternative fuels for the 4-stroke. Whichever bike manufacturer gets to the hot setup first (probably Honda) will be sittin' pretty when it comes time to convert.
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That's a terribly BIG (as in packaging dimensions) and Heavy engine for a sport bike.
Guess you haven't heard of the Porsche Cayene.
Lets not forget... FERRARI turned to Honda for engineering help on it's mid 90's F-1 engines (last 3 years of the 4-stroke V-12s), in an effort to produce more power, more reliability and lower frictional losses. Note I am not comparing Ferrari to Honda, I happen to be a big fan of both companies.
or 20,000 RPM 4-Stroke motorcycles over 35 YEARS AGO!
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