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American Honda Regains #1 Spot

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It is quite a bold move for Honda to eliminate all US 2-strokes. For the diehard CR fans the way to go will be north to Canada for importing. The other manufacturers should see an increase in motocross 2-stroke sales, but the death of the 2-stroke comes quickly upon us and Honda is promoting it. This is certainly good news for enviro-freaks, but in the big picture, does it really make much of a difference. My feeling is that even the modern 4-stroke is antiquated in ways and that there should be more development towards alternative power sources, or at least use of alternative fuels for the 4-stroke. Whichever bike manufacturer gets to the hot setup first (probably Honda) will be sittin' pretty when it comes time to convert.
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Guess you haven't heard of the Porsche Cayene.
Lets not forget... FERRARI turned to Honda for engineering help on it's mid 90's F-1 engines (last 3 years of the 4-stroke V-12s), in an effort to produce more power, more reliability and lower frictional losses. Note I am not comparing Ferrari to Honda, I happen to be a big fan of both companies.
or 20,000 RPM 4-Stroke motorcycles over 35 YEARS AGO!
Amen brother! I dont know if I would say that 4strokes suck, but I do believe that 2strokes are the best! How about fig newtons? Does anyone like fig newtons? I like them heated up in the microwave, what a delicious, winter treat!

What the hell is THAT supposed to mean? What do YOU ride oh great one?
Did you just compare Harley-Davidson with Porsche?

and don't forget all the F1 wins and titles. Mercedes and Ferrari are honda's only recent peers when it comes to racing motors.

Humm, I'm still riding a 1980 GS1100E Suzuki, double up every weekend and the motor hasn't been taken apart!! Let's see how many Harley's after 20 years in service haven't been "rebuilt" several times!! ;)
Hum. You obviously want a verbal confrontation. Debates are great when your opponent can engage in intelligent discourse. Or, in this case, we can look for slapstick entertainment while you continue to embarass yourself with immature comments. You are obviously one of those citizens our new president is targeting with his focus on improving education.
At next summers barbeque, place those newtons on the grill for a spell. Sounds weird but they do taste great!
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