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American Motorcycle Stamps kick off Sturgis Rally.

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Wow didn't know the Geezer glide had been around that long...40 year old design no wonder Harley profits are so unreal.. Ok it is a timeless classic design.

Perhaps kpaul's Buell Firebolt "Black Thunder" will be on a stamp 40 years from now. I can see the copy now "This stamp depicts the great motorcycle prophet kpaul's beloved Buell Firebolt "Black Thunder"... Black Thunder was the bike that kpaul broke the Iron Butt record for the Seattle to Miami run..Earlier that year kpaul on Black Thunder won the Daytona 200. Black Thunder now resides at the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame
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Hilariously entertaining.

Does Iron Butt really have a 3500 mile run?? I can say I pulled 1106 in 18.5 hrs on my XB-12 but wow...
Perhaps Kpaul will actually buy a Buell instead of talking about it. I have a bet with Buz and I have the losing side so far, so hurry up and buy the thing already.
I think we both win either way because we still get to drink. It just depends on who gets to pay for it!
First round is on me

kpaul on Black Thunder....
So, you're going to make it a point to talk about how much you love riding the Black Thunder, huh? And you'll probably brag about how sore your ass is, too.

(I must be channeling bigdx today. Sorry.)
"Black Thunder now resides at the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame..." to kpaul's biodiesel car, and framed certificate of completion from Freddie Spencer's track school.
It'd be a lot easier to have a classic sport bike stamp. You could use any sport bike from 1998.
Nah. "Ninja" is synonymous with "sportbike" in the American consciousness.
Classic American motocycle stamps? Whew. At first I was worried it was a Sturgis stamp. I wasn't about to lick one of those without an antibiotic handy.
LOL good one schick..
Now wait a second. A Sturgis stamps series might be a good creative idea. There could be a potbellied biker with a Harley Tshirt and a can of Budweiser stamp. There could be the skanky old lady with flabby **** and missing teeth stamp. There's the classic '67 Electraglide with only 5000 original miles on the odometer stamp. How about the "Road to Sturgis Stamp" which would be a long line of cars pulling trailers with Harleys on them?

Don't forget the biker face down in a pool of puke stamp. Or the Strugis Chamber of Commerce Stamp which would depict the local business leaders with wads of cash in their hands from selling $10 Sturgis Tshirts to the suckers for $30.
"How about the "Road to Sturgis Stamp" which would be a long line of cars pulling trailers with Harleys on them?"

That one could spawn an entire series of stamps:

From the flocks of psuedo-riders rolling in the grass and dirt alongside their parked toy-haulers to get that "road-weary look" about them; to the mass of bikers clustered around another broken-down Harley, all scratching their heads to figure-out how to turn the fuel-pet***** back on so the drunken owner can ride the 7 miles back to his hauler at the end of the rally........

Yeah. And how about an entire series of stamps honoring the various professions that attend Sturgis? There could be the orthodontist stamp. And the stockbroker stamp. Don't forget the dentists' stamp.
OK, since when does "Petcokc" (misspelt on purpose) qualify as a Censorable word? Isn't there one on EVERY SINGLE FRACKIN' carb'd motorcycle?
You have to use euphemisms to get around it. Try "petskinflute" or "petbaloneypony."
When can we expect the "MO-GPTB" stamp to be available?

Another of us will need to model for the graphic, as I am unable to grow enough hair for the pony tail. ;-)

As for the subject at hand: Good for the USPS, very cool stamps!

I use petpeeweeherman, works every time

- cruiz-euro
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