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The AMA protects your right to ride. We fight bike bans, land closures, health-care discrimination against motorcyclists, and more. Plus, the AMA is committed to providing the best benefits possible for its members to save them time and money. We are also dedicated to amateur racing, providing amateur competitors and their families, friends and fans with exciting and enjoyable racing events that create lifelong memories. We also publish American Motorcyclist magazine, which focuses on the accomplishments of our members in all forms of riding, whether it's racing, cross-country touring or trail riding. The AMA is dedicated to all these things, and more. After all, we love to ride.

American Motorcyclist: The Official Site of the American Motorcyclist Association
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"The whole helmet law fight cost them a lot of credit,.."

With who? Helmet laws are the stupidest tings ever conceived. Safety isn't worn on your head.
"How many helmet laws got overturned?"

Florida, Texas, and Pennsylvania come to mind. Michigan got overturned twice, but the idiot Governor there vetoed it.
I mean REAL states, not them East coast weirdo's, besides Texas ain't a state it's a Republic, just ask 'em
Do you mean REAL states, or REAL STUPID states?
I agree with you sarnali. AMA should stick to being proactive advocates of motorcycling as a benefit to the economy, fuel consumption, traffic congestion, etc. Let ABATE do the helmet thing.
What's your AMA number?
I can't remember is that a problem :)
The real problem is people that aren't AMA members giving all their solutions as to what the AMA should do. How about joining first, and then give your opinion?
I'm a member.
And your AMA number is??? It's right on your card.
That's a personal question. Are you asking me out or something? :)
Not asking you out, just calling you out. You obviously aren't a member, so worrying about what the AMA does or doesn't do, or what you do or don't agree with on their stance is worthless.
1 - 7 of 85 Posts
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