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The AMA protects your right to ride. We fight bike bans, land closures, health-care discrimination against motorcyclists, and more. Plus, the AMA is committed to providing the best benefits possible for its members to save them time and money. We are also dedicated to amateur racing, providing amateur competitors and their families, friends and fans with exciting and enjoyable racing events that create lifelong memories. We also publish American Motorcyclist magazine, which focuses on the accomplishments of our members in all forms of riding, whether it's racing, cross-country touring or trail riding. The AMA is dedicated to all these things, and more. After all, we love to ride.

American Motorcyclist: The Official Site of the American Motorcyclist Association
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The whole helmet law fight cost them a lot of credit, I hope they don't f*ck the duck on the loud pipe issue as well.
How many helmet laws got overturned? it cost political credit every time we loose a fight. next time around our enemies are emboldened because they beat us once, they figure they can do it again.

It looks like they've come up with some reasonable policies on noise at least so hopefully we can fight these bike bans in some towns. The word seems to be getting out about super loud pipes anyway.
I mean REAL states, not them East coast weirdo's, besides Texas ain't a state it's a Republic, just ask 'em
1 - 3 of 85 Posts
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