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The AMA protects your right to ride. We fight bike bans, land closures, health-care discrimination against motorcyclists, and more. Plus, the AMA is committed to providing the best benefits possible for its members to save them time and money. We are also dedicated to amateur racing, providing amateur competitors and their families, friends and fans with exciting and enjoyable racing events that create lifelong memories. We also publish American Motorcyclist magazine, which focuses on the accomplishments of our members in all forms of riding, whether it's racing, cross-country touring or trail riding. The AMA is dedicated to all these things, and more. After all, we love to ride.

American Motorcyclist: The Official Site of the American Motorcyclist Association
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What, an "Almost Puked" trophy?

That would be something to see...
Helmets again!?


If nothing else, the helmet will make for an open casket if you are involved in a high-speed crash.

And, if the events around here are any indication, most crashes are 'low speed,' whatever that is.

The bottom line is; a helmet (properly fitted, and not a 'toy' helmet), whatever the type, is much, much better protection for your noggin than nothing.

And, a full-face (or modular) will keep your mug prettier in the event of a faceplant.

Here's a test. Grab one end of a 3 foot piece of 2X4. Let it hang to the floor. Now, looking straight ahead (eyes closed!), swing the board from the floor up and right into your forehead.

You'll note that it probably hurts, and most probably caused bleeding and bruising. Maybe even a mild concussion.

That would be a very 'low-speed' impact.

Me? I wear a helmet. Any time I'm on the bike.

Your choice. But, if you decide to ride 'nekkid,' take a couple pictures of yourself; so folks can remember what you looked like.
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While I'm spun up, here's another gem.

Lee Parks, when he was the Editor of Motorcycle Consumer News (Motorcycle Consumer News - - The most complete, most detailed and most accurate information about every aspect of motorcycling. - get it from Amazon), wrote about protective gear in an editorial.

He said something like; "I can't tell you to wear protective gear. It's your choice. But here's something to think about.

Most every grown male has been around a grinder and/or power sander. And, most have also managed to touch a finger or knuckle to the grinding surface. It's amazing how fast, and with how little pressure that the skin and flesh is gone. And how painful that injury can be.

Now, the next time you are on the road, look down. Picture the road surface as a huge sanding belt.

Imagine hitting that with any part of your body, with your full weight behind it.

Now, wouldn't you prefer buying a new jacket, or boots, gloves or pants, rather than several (very painful!) visits to the Doctor and months of recovery?"

ATGATT, baby!
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1 - 3 of 85 Posts
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