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American Ride documentary needs footage

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Go Bruin Bikers!
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Seriously, pal, is there anything, and I mean ANYTHING, more tedious, insipid, and shallow than an Harley-Davidson anniversary? Woohoo, we've been selling over-priced, over-weight, under-powered, elitist snob couches for some great pile of years, long past any time the buying public should have put up with our act.

I can just imagine those 'special biker moments'; "Well, there's just nothing more patriotic than riding this piece of crap", "Look at the tweaker ho I found to ride on the back!", and who can forget, "Yeah, paying some schmo to trailer my 50K custom up here makes me feel like a real man. Of course, I was too busy selling out the American blue-collar worker to be able to spend the time to ride it myself." Go built in America!

Congratulations, yahoo, I'm sure you're 'documentary' will be a huge success.
So true Laconia this year it seemed like half the bikes were new anv "snob couches".
I'll be able to provide lots of footage of the GreyPonytailedBrotherhood (tm) members as they drive through Salt Lake on their way to the event with their bikes on their trailers and in their pickup beds.
>>Of course, I was too busy selling out the American blue-collar worker<<

Hasn't HD been voted the #1 employer in America for the last couple of years, by the same blue-collar workers you say they sold out?

Do you not have at least one tiny patriotic feeling that, at least one American motorcycle manufacturer survived for 100 years, or would you and the rest of the Harley-Haters prefer that they went the way of the dodo like so many other American heavy industries.

How boring would the motorcycle world be today if HD had failed in the 70's and a whole genre of bikes (namely heavy cruisers) had dissappeared, and don't tell me the Japanese would build them because they wouldn't. Also did it even occur to you that the current rise in popularity of motorcycling in the USA can be directly attributed to the survival of HD?

Don't like HD, fine, it's your money don't buy one, but don't denigrate the company, they are after all not building bikes for kicks and grins, but to make thier share holders happy. There is no huge conspiracy coming out of Milwaukee.

Finally, as a patriotic Englishman I find this uniquely American attitude of hopeing your own industries would fail because of perceived inadequecies puzzling. Would you be happy to see the US as a country full of service industries with all your heavy industry in the far east? no? then give HD a break and say "Congratulations for staying in buisness for the last 100 years and still dancing with the one that brung ya", namely motorcycles.
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Well said, While the "harley" attitude can be tedious the bikes themselves are as good as anything else on the road.
There is a whole culture in the US that feels that its own country is the most evil place on earth. They can't give the farm away fast enough. It's especially apparent in the political elite, but the virus seems to spread to all walks of life.

Sad really.
I guess we will see you there then?
Hey that is my trade mark you are stealing "Gray Pony Tailed Brotherhood" . Give credit where credit is due.
Be sure and go and spend lots of money longshyt I need a good divided next year.
I know you're not soliciting themes for your movie, but how about a "Spinal Tap" type parody of all the bad asses at Sturgis? You could go back and forth from the yuppie-free '70's rallies to the yuppie dominated '03 rallies. Parody today's riders like Spinal Tap parodied heavy metal bands.

Suggested interview questions:

Point to your radiator (a trick question)

Have you ever changed your own oil?

Is that your horn, or your oil pump? (point to left side of engine, my HD loving brother-in-law got it wrong)

I'd buy a ticket. Just a thought.

Good luck on your project, I can see it being successful (especially if you ignore my suggestions), I'd suggest doing a winter release, when us upper midwesterners are snow bound and dying to ride.

PS I'm not a HD hater, I'm glad to see them doing well, but the attitude gets on my nerves. Ride on.

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