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I know you're not soliciting themes for your movie, but how about a "Spinal Tap" type parody of all the bad asses at Sturgis? You could go back and forth from the yuppie-free '70's rallies to the yuppie dominated '03 rallies. Parody today's riders like Spinal Tap parodied heavy metal bands.

Suggested interview questions:

Point to your radiator (a trick question)

Have you ever changed your own oil?

Is that your horn, or your oil pump? (point to left side of engine, my HD loving brother-in-law got it wrong)

I'd buy a ticket. Just a thought.

Good luck on your project, I can see it being successful (especially if you ignore my suggestions), I'd suggest doing a winter release, when us upper midwesterners are snow bound and dying to ride.

PS I'm not a HD hater, I'm glad to see them doing well, but the attitude gets on my nerves. Ride on.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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