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>>Of course, I was too busy selling out the American blue-collar worker<<

Hasn't HD been voted the #1 employer in America for the last couple of years, by the same blue-collar workers you say they sold out?

Do you not have at least one tiny patriotic feeling that, at least one American motorcycle manufacturer survived for 100 years, or would you and the rest of the Harley-Haters prefer that they went the way of the dodo like so many other American heavy industries.

How boring would the motorcycle world be today if HD had failed in the 70's and a whole genre of bikes (namely heavy cruisers) had dissappeared, and don't tell me the Japanese would build them because they wouldn't. Also did it even occur to you that the current rise in popularity of motorcycling in the USA can be directly attributed to the survival of HD?

Don't like HD, fine, it's your money don't buy one, but don't denigrate the company, they are after all not building bikes for kicks and grins, but to make thier share holders happy. There is no huge conspiracy coming out of Milwaukee.

Finally, as a patriotic Englishman I find this uniquely American attitude of hopeing your own industries would fail because of perceived inadequecies puzzling. Would you be happy to see the US as a country full of service industries with all your heavy industry in the far east? no? then give HD a break and say "Congratulations for staying in buisness for the last 100 years and still dancing with the one that brung ya", namely motorcycles.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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