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Seriously, pal, is there anything, and I mean ANYTHING, more tedious, insipid, and shallow than an Harley-Davidson anniversary? Woohoo, we've been selling over-priced, over-weight, under-powered, elitist snob couches for some great pile of years, long past any time the buying public should have put up with our act.

I can just imagine those 'special biker moments'; "Well, there's just nothing more patriotic than riding this piece of crap", "Look at the tweaker ho I found to ride on the back!", and who can forget, "Yeah, paying some schmo to trailer my 50K custom up here makes me feel like a real man. Of course, I was too busy selling out the American blue-collar worker to be able to spend the time to ride it myself." Go built in America!

Congratulations, yahoo, I'm sure you're 'documentary' will be a huge success.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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