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Re: Dang

Yep! I thought there was some to be had in the form of a real motorcycle I could buy kinda test. You know, some real meat to sink our "eye"teeth into, instead just some cornbeef hash (make that re-hash). I know there are plenty of readers' that like this stuff and that's cool, but there are numerous other sites that focus primarily on racing and reviews are secondary for them. Hope you guys can get some wheels to review soon. One would think that the manufacturers would be very anxious to get the word out on their new models and be climbing over one another to get reviewed first.

Quick aside: Anyone know more about the new 750 shown at Intermot by Guzzi?? Can't find anything about when, where , or if, it's going into production. This is the kinda stuff I'm interested in, me, me, me, can'tcha tell it's all about me. :)
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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