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Re: best rider in the world?

Keep in mind all the Barros has always been an acomplished 4 stroke rider. Biaggi and Sete are not really known for their 4 stroke ability. I honestly believe that biaggi is a better rider than Barros, and given Biaggi's position of developing the M1, I don't think that Barros would have been in second in the championship. Barros has been on the NSR for the last few years, and despite the odd showing of brilliance, has been less than memorable. Given what is undisputedly the best bike in the paddock (the RCV) he should have been running at the front. Yes, he beat rossi to the line twice, but rossi also beat him to the line twice as well.

And I'm sorry, but there is no way that Barros' showing at the end of the year can earn him the title of best rider in the world, given Rossi's season long dominance or Colin's amazing come back. I predict that Barros will have another mediocre season, with the odd splash of brilliance. I'll eat my words in 12 months if he's the champ.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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