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Angry cagers = Trouble

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Doing more.

I have similar things happen to me in Seattle on I-5 and 405 when I used to commute on my bike. I would be in the HOV lane driving 10 mph over the speed limit and be tail gated. Most of the time it was women in SUVs usually talking into a cell phone. I gave up gettng angry about it and just moved over and let them go on.

In this situation I guess I have to defend the motorocyclist a little. No one deserves to be hit with a 3000Lb + weapon. I am surprised you didn't get a little more involved by following the now felony hit and run driver and getting a better id Yes the rider was a jerk and maybe escalated the situation but deliberately hitting somone one and then running is extreme. Again I think you should of done more. If I saw a motorcyclist hit like this believe i would of gone out of my way to make sure the Driver was brought to justice. I guess maybe I expect the same from every other rider.
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Gonna have a shootout at the OK Corral over a traffic incident? We had a guy here that stabbed someone to death over getting cut off. The jerkoff is now doing 20 to life. Hope it was worth it to him.
First, you called everyone that wouldn't esculate the situation cowards. I am far from a coward, but I don't need to die, or spend time in jail for killing someone over a traffic incident. That is why I always choose to let it go. Second, you pointed out that you are armed. Pull that gun out, and you will possibly be confronted with dying or killing someone, because I can tell you from experience that pulling that gun doesn't scare everyone. You better be real sure you want to use deadly force at that point, and be prepared for a long stretch at the Greybar Hotel if you do. If you don't pull the trigger, then you risk having a .38 caliber enema administered. For me, I'd rather make it home, and not have to choose. To each his own.
"I would have at least tracked down the cager and reported his plate number, but I probably wouldn't have stopped there."

The jails and cemeteries are full of people that didn't stop there. I'm sure you'll make it to one or the other like they did. Just hope the "cager" you want to fight didn't grow up in my neighborhood. You won't have to go home to be crying.
You can say whatever you want to say that I'm scared ar chicken, or whatever Rambo. If you want to involve yourself in a situation that you know NOTHING about, that is your business. You are armed. Go for it. The biker may have deserved to get his ass kicked. Sounds like he wasn't smart enough to walk away to me. Just because he's riding doesn't make him right. He may have caused the whole incident in the first place. You don't know. But hell go for it, Rambo. The hell with the cops. Pull out the ole gun and go to town.
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