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Angry cagers = Trouble

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Doing more.

I have similar things happen to me in Seattle on I-5 and 405 when I used to commute on my bike. I would be in the HOV lane driving 10 mph over the speed limit and be tail gated. Most of the time it was women in SUVs usually talking into a cell phone. I gave up gettng angry about it and just moved over and let them go on.

In this situation I guess I have to defend the motorocyclist a little. No one deserves to be hit with a 3000Lb + weapon. I am surprised you didn't get a little more involved by following the now felony hit and run driver and getting a better id Yes the rider was a jerk and maybe escalated the situation but deliberately hitting somone one and then running is extreme. Again I think you should of done more. If I saw a motorcyclist hit like this believe i would of gone out of my way to make sure the Driver was brought to justice. I guess maybe I expect the same from every other rider.
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Just what we need. Someone to start a gun battle in the middle of a city over a fender bender. I see enough bye-standers shot in the DC area. Put the gun down and go call a cop. Help the person who needs help but, unless you carry a badge, leave the police work to the police. You think you can shoot that gun? Try it with a body full of adrenaline and with someone returning that fire. You ain't gonna hit what your shooting at and you might hit me.
Re: Deescalate...

I can get mighty pi$$ed. When I do, it's almost an out of body experience. How strange it is to be looking at an a$$hole and have the a$$hole be you! My first response is to shout something like "you dumb mother-f***er". When I do that, I really try to hear myself shouting those words to me, because more times than not, I gonna do something stupid. I have to really fight to disengage, get off the bike or get out of the car and cool down. That is the only thing that I've done that ever made the situation better. My instinct is to knock the crap outta someone but it simply doesn't work. It is a struggle.
1 - 3 of 105 Posts
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