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Angry cagers = Trouble

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Doing more.

I have similar things happen to me in Seattle on I-5 and 405 when I used to commute on my bike. I would be in the HOV lane driving 10 mph over the speed limit and be tail gated. Most of the time it was women in SUVs usually talking into a cell phone. I gave up gettng angry about it and just moved over and let them go on.

In this situation I guess I have to defend the motorocyclist a little. No one deserves to be hit with a 3000Lb + weapon. I am surprised you didn't get a little more involved by following the now felony hit and run driver and getting a better id Yes the rider was a jerk and maybe escalated the situation but deliberately hitting somone one and then running is extreme. Again I think you should of done more. If I saw a motorcyclist hit like this believe i would of gone out of my way to make sure the Driver was brought to justice. I guess maybe I expect the same from every other rider.
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Re: Let's see Duc 999S 0-60 in 3 seconds....

You are absolutely right! Dust off those cages at the lights and get to the nice, comfy gaps. On rare occaisions, if a cager in a Camaro or Mustang thinks he can eventually outrun you, let him. After he screams by, just get in behind him from a distance and let him be radar bait. Bottom line is that you want to live to ride another day.
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