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Angry cagers = Trouble

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Doing more.

I have similar things happen to me in Seattle on I-5 and 405 when I used to commute on my bike. I would be in the HOV lane driving 10 mph over the speed limit and be tail gated. Most of the time it was women in SUVs usually talking into a cell phone. I gave up gettng angry about it and just moved over and let them go on.

In this situation I guess I have to defend the motorocyclist a little. No one deserves to be hit with a 3000Lb + weapon. I am surprised you didn't get a little more involved by following the now felony hit and run driver and getting a better id Yes the rider was a jerk and maybe escalated the situation but deliberately hitting somone one and then running is extreme. Again I think you should of done more. If I saw a motorcyclist hit like this believe i would of gone out of my way to make sure the Driver was brought to justice. I guess maybe I expect the same from every other rider.
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As much as it pains me to agree with you, Kpaul, I have to say I feel the EXACT SAME WAY. I would have done almost anything possible to get a license#. Just last night I had a classic 'left turner' try to end my life. Fortunately, I know to look out for that sort of thing and I braked accordingly. The dipshyt eventually saw me when he was 2/3's of the way into my lane and jerked back into his lane. I (involuntarily) flipped him the 'number one' while I passed.

Good story, right?

Well, the idiot decided to u-turn and chase me. And it was not just one idiot, but a full car of them. Luckily, through superior acceleration (fortunately, I was on the ZX6R) and knowledge of the local residential roads, I was able to lose them after a couple of minutes--YES, MINUTES! It scared the crap out of me--and it was their foul!

I hope some other innocent person on a green sportbike doesn't get the crap kicked out of them in my town because of this.
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Re: Angry cagers = Trouble. I HAVE THE ANSWER

We should try to pass legislation that allows MOTORCYCLISTS to carry an unconcealed HANDGUN in specially designed holsters. How many cagers will F*CK with us if they know we're packing heat?

Of course unnecessary use should carry a super steep penalty. Like life in prison. But as a deterrant I can't think of any better.

Either that or a freaking sword or katana blade.

Maybe my Transformer Bike can also turn into a missle launcher.
Re: No I meant go after them to get a better ... and to deflate things

I hope the ''a**hole" in the wagon is dead. No, seriously, I hope they're dead. I couldn't possibly care less.

I've made mistakes in life, but I've never assaulted someone with a car! I hope they're dead.
Yes you can. You're drive in L.A. isn't so bad. I regularly have to travel the 10, 101, 91, 405, 605. On rarer occassions the 110, 60, 210, 57, 22, and 5. Not to mention I have to travel alot through the city. Downtown, K-town, Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Midtown down to Santa Monica. I would wager that per capita, L.A. has the worst ratio of stupid, *******, inconsiderate drivers. I hate L.A. drivers.
He SORT OF brought it on himself. As for the first stop light, when he was slow to get into first: How many of us have sat at the light waiting to go (green neutral light is FOR SURE off) only to find neutral when the clutch is released?

And, since when, is a minor confrontation reason enough to drive over someone and then flee the scene? I hope the driver was slow at the following light and the H2 behind him (who happened to be a motorcyclist) squashed him/her and all of their offspring riding in their wagon. And, I hope the driver didn't die immediately, but more like this:
Re: In Seattle I things would be different

I commute from Bonney Lake to Seattle everyday on my bike, not to mention just riding around or running errands, I've very rarely had any kind of problems. In fact cagers seem to go out of their way to make room for riders

People make mistakes once in awhile and almost always are apologetic when they finnaly do see you, but outright butt-heads are few and far between

I guess we're just lucky living in a polite corner of the world.
Re: No I meant go after them to get a better ... and to deflate things

Actually, I hope he wrecked in a high-speed chase, car burst into flames, and he's paralyzed and horribly disfigured.

And he's got to eat through a feeding tube for the rest of his life. And...

...Well, you get the picture.
Let me make sure I am getting the message... "If someone acts like a jerk, give them their way"... oh and "don't make the situation worse."

What a bunch of cowards you people are.

On a bike, I always get out of the way of these people. But if I'm in a cage and I see something like this, I'm going after the idiot who hit the bike. He may be armed? So what? I am armed.

A buddy of mine use to cary ball bearings in his jacket pocket, whan a cager pissed him off he would get in front, toss out a hand full and watch the reaction in his mirrors. I finally convince him that he may be hurting inocent cagers also.

The guy in the wagon does deserve a slow painfull torture, the guy on the Duc needs to be dope slaped until he realizes that cars win on the street.
I had what could have been a nasty situation back in the 80's. I was riding down I-15 on my '85 ironhead Sportster minding my own business, Sunday morning and almost no traffic, when some moron in a pickup truck passes me and starts flipping me off. What for, I don't have a clue. Maybe he once had an AMF Sportster and was just flipping off my bike. Anyhow he keeps flipping me for a couple of miles. This fool even has a baby in a car seat next to him. At this time I go on an off ramp and finally sick of being flipped I flip him back. Immediately there's blue smoke as this psycho screeches to a halt in the middle of the freeway and backs up to attempt to chase me down. I lose him in the local town and decide to just haul @ss back north to Salt Lake.

You see, I had a brand new shiny .357mag in my saddlebags and was cruising around looking for a place to do some plinking. When I look back at this I'm amazed at my restraint, but think about it, getting in a situation where you have to pull a gun is to be avoided. I've had quite enough of being shot at or shooting back at people. Plus the police wouldn't have any sense of humor about it at all. A split second's wrong decision and my whole life could have been ruined.

So always try to avoid the immediate urge to just shoot the [email protected]@rd. It's not worth it.
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I was born in LA, but escaped to Utah in '82. I've found the drivers here to be often more inconsiderate than the drivers in LA. You don't dare use turn indicators on the fwy because almost always someone will speed up to block you off.

We also get lots of big F350 SuperDuty Dieselheads pulling trailers down the fast lane at 80+. They leave big splotches on the road sometimes when they careen out of control. This is especially bad when the trailer has horses in it. Apparently when you own horses you also own the road and no road rules apply to you. It's not in the traffic code, but I swear it's gotta be true.
Re: No I meant go after them to get a better ... and to deflate things

I know we're venting here, and this is an outrageous act as described, but escalating anger and wishing violence on someone (whether we think it's deserved or not) is not going to address what seems to be a real, too common threat to all of us on the road. Almost everyone has a story to tell and it's easy to get really pissed off when someone threatens your life out of pure ignorance. What's hard to do sometimes is pull over, let 'em by, do your best to get the license plate, and ride away.

Let's not lose perspective here.
Re: Angry cagers = Trouble. I HAVE THE ANSWER

You can open carry in Arizona. Or Texas. I've seen guys with holsters mounted on the handlebars. Utah has an open carry law but the cops will arrest you in most cities if you try it. We have a "shall issue" concealed carry law, so they must issue you a permit if you ask for it and aren't a felon.

In LA though you probably would be better off with an RPG or LAAW rocket launcher. Something like that rocket equipped BSA in "Thunderball".

Or you could rent a flick called "The Losers". It's about Hell's Angels who take their bikes to Vietnam to waste VC and they've got machine guns mounted on the handlebars and pull wheelies to shoot guard towers. Really cool. Lots of good ideas there for you Angelenos.
Maybe, but try that in LA and you can bet the cops will arrest you and charge you with a whole load of shyt including daring to have a gun. They don't like pro-active citizens in the People's Republic of Kalifornia, only meek sheep who will quietly submit to be slaughtered. An honest armed citizen who is willing to act is a severe threat to most politicians. A free armed citizenry is their worst nightmare. That's the real motivation behind the PRK's assault on gun rights. If we started taking action against vicious criminals the politicians would be first to go.

(rant off)
Re: In Seattle I things would be different

In Seattle you would be the one with the road rage because all the Washington cagers driving 55 mph in every lane.

No location with a KPaul living in it could be called the "polite corner" of the world!
Re: Angry cagers = Trouble. I HAVE THE ANSWER

NPlateau must be coming around. A self-described liberal advocating gun ownership.

You can open carry in most of AZ. Just don't try it in Phoenix.

I have a friend who runs a pizza joint in Yuma. He carries his proceeds from his cash register to his car every day while wearing a sidearm. Amazingly, he's never been robbed.

I've got a girlfriend in FL who has a concealed weapon permit. We were at dinner one night and she's all dressed up in this sexy little outfit with a matching purse. I looked at her purse and asked if she was packing heat. She laughed and said, "of course."
And that dear friend is why I don't live in Kalifornia, nor will I ever visit the God-forsaken hole.
Dead wrong. He did nothing to incite an assault against his person. That is the equivalent of claiming that girls who run around in mini-skirts are inviting a good raping, or that somehow Israeli activities in Palestine incite a murderous response among Muslims against the U.S. (!) for "oppression," among other ridiculous claims. The insane irrationality of one individual or group does not imply culpability on the part of another.

It's clear that the Duc wasn't holding this guy up - traffic lights were.

I think that it's laudable that the original poster even bothered to call the police. In my opinion, that's a heads-up move and deserves our praise, not our censure. Responsible citizenship like this would go far to reduce incidents like the one described, and other absurd criminalistic behavior. Consider levelling your criticism on the other drivers who undoubtedly witnessed the same set of events.

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Let's see Duc 999S 0-60 in 3 seconds....

Let's see Duc 999S 0-60 in 3 seconds, little crap car 0-60 in half an hour. Hum... doesn't take a rocket scientest to figure this one out.

As was well said time and again above, hit the juice baby and get the hell out of there!!

Guess our Duc 999S wasn't a rocket scientest. Just goes to show that you don't have to be smart to be rich.

Get as far away from a p i s s e d off cager as you can as quickly as you can, that's one thing most motorcycles especially the sport ones can do very quickly.
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