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Angry cagers = Trouble

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Doing more.

I have similar things happen to me in Seattle on I-5 and 405 when I used to commute on my bike. I would be in the HOV lane driving 10 mph over the speed limit and be tail gated. Most of the time it was women in SUVs usually talking into a cell phone. I gave up gettng angry about it and just moved over and let them go on.

In this situation I guess I have to defend the motorocyclist a little. No one deserves to be hit with a 3000Lb + weapon. I am surprised you didn't get a little more involved by following the now felony hit and run driver and getting a better id Yes the rider was a jerk and maybe escalated the situation but deliberately hitting somone one and then running is extreme. Again I think you should of done more. If I saw a motorcyclist hit like this believe i would of gone out of my way to make sure the Driver was brought to justice. I guess maybe I expect the same from every other rider.
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"How ta sa-vive in South Central....a place where bustin' a cap is fun-da-men-tal...."

-----Ice Cube

If I make it down to California I will make it a point to visit you and hey, let's watch Boyz in the Hood!!! ;) You are probably the most interesting person on this entire board.......
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Ducati's have very strong clutch-lever action; you really have to shift it into neutral at stop lights to give yourself a break. Let's face it, some cagers will get upset no matter what you do, if you pull away from the light too fast, and now in this case too slow.
Come on out anytime Abe. I live in rural Northern California now. Apparently I lack the requisite gentility to properly interact with the huddled masses of large cities. VWW
First, you called everyone that wouldn't esculate the situation cowards. I am far from a coward, but I don't need to die, or spend time in jail for killing someone over a traffic incident. That is why I always choose to let it go. Second, you pointed out that you are armed. Pull that gun out, and you will possibly be confronted with dying or killing someone, because I can tell you from experience that pulling that gun doesn't scare everyone. You better be real sure you want to use deadly force at that point, and be prepared for a long stretch at the Greybar Hotel if you do. If you don't pull the trigger, then you risk having a .38 caliber enema administered. For me, I'd rather make it home, and not have to choose. To each his own.
"I would have at least tracked down the cager and reported his plate number, but I probably wouldn't have stopped there."

The jails and cemeteries are full of people that didn't stop there. I'm sure you'll make it to one or the other like they did. Just hope the "cager" you want to fight didn't grow up in my neighborhood. You won't have to go home to be crying.
So lets see, you chase him down, he see you in the rear view, floors it, you speed up to catch him, he realizes he can't get away and stands on the brakes, you clip the bumper doing 90 and cartwheel into whatever's on the side of the road................Or

Scenario # 2, you catch him, he pulls over, you confront him, being the punk he is he's been cranking for three days, plus the addrenalin spike from the confrontation hits him, he jumps out with his pawn shop .380 and empties it into your gut.............Or

Scenario # 3 you chase him, he pulls over, you confront him, you both go to fist city, you knock him down, he hits his head and dies..............Or

Scenario #4 You chase him , a cop sees you, pulls you both over, the punk jumps out of the car and starts yelling about crazy-ass bikers trying to kill him, the cops do a Rodney King on you, you make the 6 o'clock news.

Are you getting the common thread here? you either get hurt or go to jail. If you're on a bike you can't win a confrontation with a car. The only sane course of action you have is to back down and get out of the way.
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You are absolutely correct on this one. There is no need to invite trouble when you have no idea what is in the other person's mind. I've been run off the road twice by truckers--who saw me; looked in my rear-view mirror to find an SUV on my ass so close I could see the man's day-old beard growth (a guy, can you believe that?); darn near rear-ended by a female SUV driver who was on the cellphone and eating. We are targets on motorcycles and I ride accordingly so that no one makes me a bullseye.
Italian cagers = Molto trouble

The scariest cage encounter I've had came in the Italian countryside. I was riding a Monster 750 on the back roads home from visiting the Ducati Factory. Just as I was about to overtake a Fiat Panda, the freak locked up his brakes in the middle of the road. I slowed and passed him, assuming the guy had a legitimate reason for stopping ... avoiding a rabbit or something. Too late, I saw the Fiat "screaming" up behind me. He overtook and forced me off the road. The assailant-to-be got out of the Fiat and started running towards me. I noted his stare-o-death and figured it was time to get the hell outta Dodgissimo. Unfortunately, being a Ducati, the Monster had died during my panic stop. I just about shat me britches waiting for that piece-of-crap to turn over, but managed to pull away just in time and ride like hell, splitting every lane, running every light, and topping the bike out at a pathetic 117mph on the A1 all the way back to Milan.

Anyway, the point is ... um ... cager assault is a huge rush and a great excuse to ride like a complete hooligan and disregard traffic laws.
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Is that wat that big rattling noise is? Jeez, nuthin' like a dry clutch. Reminds me of my old CZ...
SUVS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM PEOPLE. THEY ARE NOT SENTIENT BEINGS. IT IS THE A-HOLE BEHIND THE WHEEL. ANY CAR VS. MOTORCYCLE DUEL ENDS WITH THE CAR ON TOP. That's enough yelling. Some of us with families actually need a big vehicle to haul the kids around. If you don't like them buy a hybrid and feel good about yourself. You saved the earth from global warming. We all know that the earth is 4 billion years old, so the 200 years or so we have been keeping track should be enough data to prove that global warming exists.
I didn't follow the guy because my cage(still bikeless) couldn't follow. I was behind another car, behind the downed bike, yelling "don't chase him, don't chase him!" As someone else pointed out, the cage didn't just mosey slowly down the road obeying all of the traffic laws. He really booked, probably realizing just how stupid a move that was. I gave the police as much info as I could remember, but being on a fairly busy road, in the inside lane, waiting for the 911 operator to pick up and direct my call to the CHP, I lost most of the license plate number--only retained the last three numbers. Wish I could have done more, but by the time I got to the next(red) light, they were both long gone.
I lived in Seattle for a number of years down on Yesler. In probably not the best location of that block. Had a nice Colt Python, and a Officer's ACP, as well as the CWP to carry. I found that there were very few places I felt safe going to armed--not because I didn't think I could survive the situations that might arise, but because I didn't want to spend the rest of my money and life paying for killing the prick who tries to kill me.

If you're not willing to end either the perp's life, your life, or your freedom, carrying is good practice only in circumstances where you really have no other option.(IMHO)

As I said before, I just couldn't keep up. I did try for a few miles to find a wrecked bike or wagon, but they may have turned off before I did, and I didn't think I could do any more than others who would be at the potential scene of a crash, by backtracking and going up all the other streets in the area.
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Yeah, but you're in the minority. Most of the dumbasses in SUV's drive solo or maybe with one other person. Furthermore, despite the supposed commanding view that the SUV provides, those that drive them drive like they don't see a thing, or drive like they own the road. Obviously they don't. There is no problem if you actually use the utility part of your SUV, but maybe SUV drivers should be required to take some kind of extra training so that they learn to share the road. Call it motovehicular sensitivity training.

I used to love SUVs, especially the Nissan Pathfinder circa 1994. But now, I hate them. And more than that, I hate the people who drive like assholes in them. Especially while talking on the goddamn cell phone. I really hope they pass the hands free headset legislation. Especially in California. There are no shortage of punk beeotches out here I would like to pull a Reginald Denny on.

I have yet to see/meet a sensible SUV driver. So in general, to hell with them.
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Re: Let's see Duc 999S 0-60 in 3 seconds....

There are two kinds of drivers: amateurs and professionals. The hallmark of an amateur is to drive with emotion.

Both drivers in this case were amateurs.

If you ever find yourself using your vehicle to demonstrate or act out emotions then your chances of accident increase several orders of magnitude. There are two catgories of this, at least. One is your pissed or something and drving MUCH too fast. The other is like this case where you get into a road warrior situation which involves all manner of things meant to antogonize the other driver.. DUMB DUMB DUMB.

One of the main task of a motorcycleist in heavy urban traffic is to spot the emotional ******* and get the ***** away from him, not egg him on as the Duc guy did.
Re: In Seattle I things would be different

"I guess we're just lucky living in a polite corner of the world."

Uh... Isnt Seattle the Prozac Capitol of the world?
IMO you did the right thing. Three numbers off a plate and a description of the car, even if it's just a color, may very well be enough to nab him. It is the age of computers, i.e. databases and queries. Even if the police pull up 100 vehicles in the LA area with the same three numbers in the plate and same color they can be tracked down fairly easy from that. That being the case, why should you endanger more people by playing cowboy and chasing after someone driving like a bat out of hell (requiring you to drive like a bat out of hell) on busy streets when you already possessed enough information to nab the guy? Plus, the Duc rider has the best chance of catching him and getting a plate number. If he decides to do more than that then he made his second stupid decision of the day.

It's funny how those criticizing you for not doing enough make a knee jerk reaction as opposed to asking you for more details before making an opinion.

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You should get the details before your own kneejerk reaction and calling eddyline (and everyone else who agree with his decision) a coward.
Well said. A person can take enormous pride in not being one to be goaded in to interacting with fools.
Not to be skeptical but these are important details left out in the first go around. Makes me think eddy is reacting to our criticism and thus changing the story.
Trade your SUV in for a minivan, SUVs are breast enlargement devices

I couldn't of said it better myself. I too had a SUV around 1994. Traded it in for a minivan. Minivans make som much more sense.. More pratical, safer, more room, better gas mileage and the wife and kids love it. Too me most SUV are like breast enlargement devices for women.
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