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I, for one, am glad that someone has the cajones to bring this issue up in a public forum at the risk of public humiliation.

It took me hours to sweat my way though the extensive questions when setting up my MO account and completing similar surveys. "Will they check?" "What are the IRS implications?" Will the other MoFos think less of me if they learn I make under 6 figures?" "Is an apartment a household since it's really not a house?" "Does my cat count as a member of the household?"

Sure, it might be easy to make fun of SV650GLEN, and get a few laughs at his expense. But not me.

SV650GLEN, use this easy formula I've picked up for reporting your income: Take the amount of your net paycheck and add it to the amount you tell chicks you make. Divide that number by 2. That is your survey income.


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