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Annual Household Income

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Is this a serious question?
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i don't know, this seemed more like a post to garner awe and envy.

"look at me, i get all my gas and health insurance for free"
"Something is happening here, what it is ain't eggzactly clear"

If you are trying to irritate this small circle of friends, you may have succeeded.

But, if you are looking to be abused, chided and otherwise humiliated, change your moniker to "PC800GLEN" to get the full treatment.
I enjoy a good post like thisw, it takes the edge off the cubicle. I refuse to post any cynical or attempted humor for fear of my post being "edited" (again). I guess my comments left some scratching their heads after the story on the woman getting killed after running from the cops awhile back...and others. Only straight, upstanding comments here, I learned my lesson. Motorcycling means comformity...being good little automaton MOFOS (is that a bad word?). Oops, I did it again.
Did you finally figure out how to click the mouse button once?
Hey, waaaitaminnit!!! That's MY Social-Depravity Number!

Help! I've been Identity-Thefted!
Don't forget your Dope Stamps!
Adding the health insurance would skew the stats as the entire civilized world has universal health care.

- cruiz-euro
It's not a government document. I just round out my annual straight salary and write that down. It's demographics. You won't get hit by a lightning bolt or beat up by a bunch of thugs if you don't get it exactly right.
Guido: "Is Yous 'SV650GLEN'?"

Glen: "Yes, is what's it to you?"

Nunzio: "Me an Guido wuz sent to straighten yous out, 'cuz Da' Boss done found-out a nasty rumour dat yous been lyin' about yer income when yous is fillin' out yer survey. Say it ain't so!"

Glen: "But, but...... it's just a SURVEY!!!"

Guido: "Sez yous. Hold 'im down Nunzio;tree O' four licks wit' dis here ballbat on da' leg should teach 'im........."

Glen: "Wait! No! NO! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Oh, Spiro Agnew.

--The Fox
I made four million on the last Kessel Run. Mind you I owe a Hutt for repairs to my ship.
What's your Partner and Co-Pilot have to say about that debt?

Interesting the things we contemplate with too much free time and maybe a bit of OCD.
Too hard for me to answer... Im still stumped why VHS was more popular than beta...

You can clearly use the internet, so why not Google it and find out the definition of income.... Once you've figured it out tell everyone on MO and well sleep better at night... or at least stop wondering if saving money on the choice of petrol/gas we use is defined as income.
I guess I kind of ballpark it, or quote whatever my current annual income is, but what I like most is the "race" question they ask. My cultural heritage is Scottish but I always put "Native American". Hell, I was born in Sacramento!!
Ummmm.... yeah. I'm taking a survey of VISA numbers (including exp date please), DOB's, and mother's maiden names. Please send your info, along with a $20 bill, to...
Write in the comments section: "And by 'purchase', I mean 'steal'."
21 - 40 of 46 Posts
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