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Another American Superbike: Roeh

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I think it's time for you MOFos who keep clamoring for an American Sportbike to built to step up with some investment capital.
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The engine looks cool, and I certainly like the idea of a light and compact v-twin, but I wonder how realistic it is? KTM seems to have designed something like what Roeh is trying, but if it made sense to make something like the Roeh, why didn't they do it? Maybe an engine needs to be bigger, heavier, and more complex to have real-world water and oil passages, etc. I have a 996 motor in my Ducati monster that clearly could benefit from some cleanup and downsizing, but I don't think Ducati designed with the attitude of "Let's just make it big, heavy, and bulky - who'll notice, anyway?" I know the Testastretta design is an improvement in both appearance and size (of the heads, anyway), but I think the Roeh may be trying too hard to make it simple.

What's the old saying? "Every complex problem has a solution that is simple, elegant, and wrong." Or something like that.
1 - 1 of 68 Posts
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