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Another American Superbike: Roeh

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I think it's time for you MOFos who keep clamoring for an American Sportbike to built to step up with some investment capital.
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Re: Don't Take Me Alive

Yeah, but where'd you shoot your old-man?
Man, by the time you get done figuring stress (vertical, horizontal, lateral, rotational and shear-force) on engine components, you'd probably be to tired a broke to ride the thing.

But, I gotta admit, I'd still love to see Buell use the KTM RC-8 engine (Oye, I should live so long!).
The SV1000 isn't as sharp-focused as some of reviewers wanted, but that doesn't make it a bad bike.

It's still one of my top (Hey, I could actually swing the finances) five; and it's also one of the coolest blank-slates around.
Considering the price-point,,and market, Roeh seems to be aiming at, it's hard to understand why the bike is being presented as it is. Boutique bikes need to create an emotional response like a reclined supermodel wearing Versace begging you to have sex. Unfortunately, the bike on Roehs website looks like it's saying: Hi! My name in Betty and I work in accounting (For $25K, nobody wants practical).

The MV we were all dooling over, back in November, had a paint-job to die for and looked like it was dressed in Sable. So, Roeh better start spending some quality-virtual-design-time, or his bike is going to be about as popular as a hooker with sharp teeth.

Pitching a boutique bike, I'd want to know walking-in: men will be grabbing thier crotch, women will be squiming, and the Rubber Tree in the corner will be shivering. And, just to be sure, I'd have a thermometer to see if the room-temperature goes higher.

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If we rode what we can actually ride, most of us would be on EX500s with smiles, instead of gritted teeth.

The Britten was a wonderful illustration of your tear-drop example (ain't much to look at, but she goes like Hell). I've often wondered why no manufacturer has ever crinkled the paint, like the surface of a football, so they can say, " Even The Paint-Job We Gave Our Bikes Makes Them Go Faster!" (it's not like they haven't tried everything else, and it might just help).

Man, there's nothing like something that really works. But, for 25-grand, road-rats like me won't be buying bikes like the Roeh.

BTW, your talkin about that SV with the $2000 discount has me asking my cat where I can get the money, so Thanks a Hellava Lot!

Kevin :)
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Re: Burger Barn Review

No doubt about it, Suzuki screwed the pooch; the SV should have been so-much more.

And, while I understand your power concerns (SV vs. In-line-fours) given a $1K price reduction and a bit more character, and Suzuki would have had a winner. So, what thier marketing and engineering departments are doing, you tell me and we'll both know! But, offer me a $9000 bike that's comparible to a Tuono, and I won't EVEN listen to my cat.
Well, if nothing else, they've got a good tag-line "We Pronounce it ROAR! It's Not a Tradition. It's a Constant State of Mind" (Damn, I'm good! LOL).

You'd think that they would have, at least, run their website picture through a digital paint-shop program, if they're looking to pull investors.

This is a perfect case where the marketing guys should take the engineering department out and get then totally-wasted on some good weed, so they can communicate (don't know why they don't teach that in business school).
Not Necessarily...

Given comparable frames, I'd almost always be willing to take a 15% horsepower deficit for the tractability of a V-twin. For me, it’s not an issue of which one is better; it’s a matter of what I’m comfortable with. It’s much easier finding the sweet spot of the rev-range when exiting a corner on a V-Twin, than it is on an in-line four. Besides, being old and lazy, I’m not always up for rowing my gearbox; and since V-Twins are more forgiving about engine speed, we tend to get along just fine. And, with subjects ranging from God-knows-what to who-the-Hell-cares, constantly running through my head, I much-prefer having one-less thing to think about.

In closing (and in reality) saying one is better than the other is like saying the Hulk can beat-up Spider Man. They don’t exist, and neither does my talent for riding any modern sport bike to it’s full potential, so why bother.
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Ain't That The Truth!

Just for the Hell of it, I sent Roehr that tag-line/positioning statement (who knows, maybe I'll get a t-shirt).

The problem is, engineers tend not to deal well with intangibles, while creatives tend not to deal well with actual stuff. Consequently, they each end-up looking at the other like they're an alien life form.

Me, I say put 'em in a garage with an assortment of spray-paint and a bong; whatever comes out, use it!
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