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This is the same mealy-mouthed little fock I posted about back in October. He's pissed about stuntaz; I don't know if one dissed him on the road, or maybe his daughter is dating one. Maybe it's just seeing riders out enjoying life and his wife won't let him have a bike.

When I emailed him in October, he assured me that his initial legislation would be carefully restructured to ensure that motorcyclists weren't singled out for speeding violations. That was clearly a lie, all he did was change the threashold for seizure from 30 mph over to 5X the limit.

Could he have written a script of cliches better than his little speech? "If it saves only one life...blah blah blah." I'm going to email him again tomorrow and remind him of his earlier committment to fairness. I'm sure he'll realize his mistake and rethink his legislation.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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