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I was mostly disappointed with that one because it showed a Ducati unable to outrun a goddamn Ford Crown Victoria. And hey, at least with that one you know already that it's not taking place under the constraints of the laws of physics, but rather in a big computer with the cheat codes turned on. ;)

The 180 stoppie up a tree on a sportbike in the dirt was just f$cking stupid. And that's just what they put in the preview! I can only imagine how much worse a whole 1.5 hours of this is going to be.

I agree. There are enough people out there who can actually do things that look impossible, that I'd really rather see an action movie that features a plot that happens to involve some of that.

Here's a possible (more) realistic scenario... Our HERO is on his gsxr-1000 chasing the BAD GUY, who has kidnapped the LOVE INTEREST. Racing across the Bay Bridge, HERO gets stuck behind some traffic. He pulls his gun but cannot get a clear shot around the cars in front of him. He hauls a massive wheelie, stands up on the pegs, and fires left handed over the tops of the cars, taking out the rear tire of BAD GUY's car.

Now, thoroughly improbable, sure. But a good stuntrider could hoist a wheelie, find the balance point (thus not needing to keep accelerating massively into the back of the cars in front of him) stand up, and do all of it one handed, to boot. (They do one handed stoppies, right?) Now, I'm not a professional screenwriter, but I only spent 2 minutes coming up with that scenario above, too. Given a bit more time, I'm sure I could find a sufficient number of more probable scenarios which allow the protagonists and adversaries to use stunt riding to their advantage, on top of a realistic, semi-layered plot.

Hrmmm. Maybe that is what my next movie should be about.

-Kawazuki, occasional executive producer
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