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Another (BAD) Motorcycle Movie

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Hollywood just doesn't get it. A biker movie doesn't need an outlandish plot or unrealistic action -- give us some characters we care about, some machines we want to see and a plot that makes sense and we'll be happy.

Biker Boyz was no good. Not because there's no biker culture like the one protrayed in the movie -- come to the Northern Liberties Circle K in Philly to see that -- but because it was so damn ridiculous. Stretched-frame, nitrous-running rice burners racing on dirt roads? Come on.

I hope Torque doesn't do the same dumb stuff.
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Hey Harley guys notice something

All these movies feature sportbikes. Gen X an Yers prefer sportbikes. No ugly cruisers.

Cruisers going out of style


Motorcycle Prophet
Re: Hey Harley guys notice something

Arnold is an old fart on a antique obsolete not sold any more piece of garbage.
Re: Hey Harley guys notice something

You must acknowledge my greatness as a motorcycle prophet first.
Grumpy old men

What's a matter didn't have your Ensure today?
Three MO stooges vs KPaul next year on the track

Are you sure about that? OK Laguna Seca next year we settle this. MO sponsors a race on Buell Blasts. I'll even give you old guys a one turn head start.
Re: Motorcycle

Ouch. Sarnali are you joining the three stooges now or the Grumpy old men? It's ok I do my best work when completely outnumbered by the gray-pony tail club. :)
Re: Hey Harley guys notice something

What's a StingRay?
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