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Another (BAD) Motorcycle Movie

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Hollywood just doesn't get it. A biker movie doesn't need an outlandish plot or unrealistic action -- give us some characters we care about, some machines we want to see and a plot that makes sense and we'll be happy.

Biker Boyz was no good. Not because there's no biker culture like the one protrayed in the movie -- come to the Northern Liberties Circle K in Philly to see that -- but because it was so damn ridiculous. Stretched-frame, nitrous-running rice burners racing on dirt roads? Come on.

I hope Torque doesn't do the same dumb stuff.
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Clint Eastwood chasing the doper guy around central park on his Bonnie in Coogans Bluff was pretty cool

The best biker cheese of all time was Mad Max and Road Warrior
Re: Hey Harley guys notice something

God kpaul, change the ****in' record
Re: Motorcycle

What do you mean, Fast and Furious is a poingent tale of the angst ridden juxtposition of the modern day under-cover policeman trying to reconcile his duty to apprehend a hardened criminal and get into his sisters pants at the same time without getting shot by the jealous criminal with the chainmail T-shirt All set against a thrilling backdrop of the L.A. rice rocket street racer world

Fast cars, pounding rythoms Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez,

A modern Classic, whats not to like.
Re: Motorcycle

"Srudent"? I don't think we have those in Washington, We get stuck with Kpaul's instead.
Re: Motorcycle

Not at all, my son. I'm a dedicated fence-sitter.

I do think most motorcyclists skills increase with experiance, and sadly you don't have much, though that doesn't stop you from ranting on about things, it does make you come off a little shrill.

I tend to side with your antagonists because like them I'm older, have been riding alot of years and have owned a number of different bikes
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