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Another (BAD) Motorcycle Movie

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Hollywood just doesn't get it. A biker movie doesn't need an outlandish plot or unrealistic action -- give us some characters we care about, some machines we want to see and a plot that makes sense and we'll be happy.

Biker Boyz was no good. Not because there's no biker culture like the one protrayed in the movie -- come to the Northern Liberties Circle K in Philly to see that -- but because it was so damn ridiculous. Stretched-frame, nitrous-running rice burners racing on dirt roads? Come on.

I hope Torque doesn't do the same dumb stuff.
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Grumpy old men

What's a matter didn't have your Ensure today?
Three MO stooges vs KPaul next year on the track

Are you sure about that? OK Laguna Seca next year we settle this. MO sponsors a race on Buell Blasts. I'll even give you old guys a one turn head start.
Re: Motorcycle

Ouch. Sarnali are you joining the three stooges now or the Grumpy old men? It's ok I do my best work when completely outnumbered by the gray-pony tail club. :)
Re: Grumpy old men

I'm much younger than you, whipper-snapper.
Now this is a long shot, but why not a movie about real racing. The plot is already there. The hero of the movie can be a nice, laid-back, friendly, yet talented underdog kinda guy, ala EBoz. Then the bad guy, or guys, can be panty-waste, crybaby jerks, think Mladin or Kurtis Roberts. The movie can involve an entire season of racing. Realistic racing can be very exciting, especially if no one has a real edge. Make the racing scenes close. That should please the guy viewers. Cheesey as it is, an umbrella girl can provide the potential for sex or romance, the former for the guys, the latter for the ladies. Sounds like Top Gun but with motorcycles instead of jets. It could work.
Wasn't the movie where Ducati 998s couldn't outrun a Ford actually called "Fled"?

The movie was doomed anyhow by having a Baldwin brother cast in it.
Unless I'm mistaken, the 998 is air cooled, so no oil. Either way, I think the Duc not outrunning the Crown Vic was more someone driving a bi-posto the wrong way in interstate traffic with only a half-assed grasp of controlling the fake reality stuff. I sure as hell wouldn't want to go any more than 60, doing that, either.
Re: Hey Harley guys notice something

I don't even own a Harley currently. So why am I a "Harley guy"? You and longride ride the Buckets-O-Bolts(tm).

He is getting more and more desperate to get one of us to respond to him, isn't he? Maybe his mom will have to get his Ritalin augmented with Prozac. I'm sure she's getting tired of him riding up and down the street on his StingRay(tm) with the cards in the spokes making vroom-vroom noises between periods of shrieking at his monitor. I'd suggest strychnine but.....
Re: Motorcycle

Not at all, my son. I'm a dedicated fence-sitter.

I do think most motorcyclists skills increase with experiance, and sadly you don't have much, though that doesn't stop you from ranting on about things, it does make you come off a little shrill.

I tend to side with your antagonists because like them I'm older, have been riding alot of years and have owned a number of different bikes
Re: Hey Harley guys notice something

What's a StingRay?
Nope, it's liquid cooled, so it has oil and coolant.
Re: Hey Harley guys notice something

Ghost in the Graveyard!
Re: Motorcycle

That is the best retort I've ever read at this site!
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