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Another 'Great'' movie on the way!

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Oh dear. This should be brilliant.

What's really scary is that Big Momma's House 2 has actually grossed over $60 million.
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Lawrence and Allen are, at the very least, funny. If Travolta will get into Vinnie Barberino faze we may come away laughing at the very group of people we so often make fun of.
Who the hell is the GPTB???
Perhaps another figment of KP's stunted imagination.
The sad thing is that you could make a pretty decent movie out of this premise if the script was right. But you just KNOW that's not gonna happen. Hollywood will just slap together a screenplay with the usual stereotypes and tired old shtick and call it a day. By the end, the only ones laughing will be the producers, all the way to the bank.

Well, maybe it's just me, but I find Martin Lawernce rarely funnier than dirty sock.

Again, maybe that's just me.
I'm going. OK, so I'll rent it.

I hear Steven Segal is in a new movie about a guy kicking butt and saving the word. Looking forward to that one too.
Put all three of them on NOX Hyabusas and aim them at the LA rush hour. That would be quite the comedy.
LOL LOL LOL Hey I should get a cut of the take... Since I invented the term Gray Pony Tail Brotherhood (GPTB)... longride and Buz you should be extras

This made my day.
This was already done on an episode of the Simpsons and it was hysterical.
Yeah, exactly. You could go all Billy Chrystal like in that dude ranch movie, or you could go out on a limb and treat them like the guys in a Northern Exposure episode, where they suddenly realize that they have become just another marketing gimmick for Harley Davidson, and can no longer afford a new version of a machine they made into an icon. But we can be pretty sure that any movie with Martin Lawrence in it is not gonna be like that.
No, its not just you.........I cant see me paying to watch him ham it up
It would be about the time someone wrote a good comedy. I haven´t seen a decent one since Fish Called Wanda.

- cruiz-euro
Actually if they made a kind of kind of comic style deliverance with some bikers of questionable sexual orientation ,now that would be funny.I,ll get the bootleg copy!!
I don't think any of them are funny. Travolta's a half way decent actor, he's done some pretty good movies like "The Generals daughter" and "Pulp Fiction" The fact that Tim Allen is in this means it might not go straight to the discount bin at Wally*World but it'll stink and re-enforce the same tired old stereotypes about motorcyclists that started with Beach Blanket Bingo.

I wish Hollywood would ***** off and leave us a lone
What about "Undercover Brother"? that's a pretty good satire of '70's blaxploitation films, funny as hell and a good soundtrack...

or Austin Powers "Goldmember"?....lot's of funny ones out there.
Prediction: all will be on HD's.

What I'd like to see: Tim Allen given a decent script so he can show his stuff- which is very, very good. A mix of HD, one Euro, etc. And no stereotypes.

But this will be a typical Hollywierd product. Probably will be crap.

Off to see Worlds Fastest tomorrow (Sat). Naturally its only playing at an Art House. Think I'll wear a Quail hunting outfit - or maybe my polo shirt with the Elk Hunting Foundation patch. Should be good for a laugh.

Smell ya later.
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