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"What I want to see is a new valykrie based on the GL1800."

--Aesthetically working an aluminum twin-spar frame and side-mounted radiators onto a cruiser would be an exercise in ingenuity, to say the least.

"About the only retro cruiser that will get my attention is one that carries an inline four engine longitudanally."

--They sell one in Scotland under the badge Indian (it's a replica of the old Indian 4, an inline-4-longitudinal cruiser). It can't be sold in the US because Indian USA (the ones who use the C&C motor) have copyrighted the name.

"Lets see something that combines the laid back attitude of the cruiser with a look and style that celebrates engineering and the future, instead of hashing out the H-D clone formula ad nauseum."

--You mean the BMW R1200C Euro?

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