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+1 on getting a dual sport. They are great for riders just starting out. There's lots that you don't know about, you just don't know yet.

If a 250 won't cut it, (lots of freeway?), get a 350/400 dual sport.

While you're at it, ride a little in the dirt with it. It's a complete blast, and there aren't too many cops that can chase you down out there (yet).

If you must get a sportbike, get a USED older bike, like, say, an older Yamaha FZR600. Better yet, get a Kawasaki EX500. These are plentiful, cheap, and will still outrun any car. A well-ridden one will still keep up with newer bikes.

You are going to crash it. No sense in pounding a new bike into the ground.

Once you have ridden for a year or two, then look for something new. The first years are the hardest years.

And, really, if you're 21 and you have a careless and a reckless citation, you are not proving yourself to be a "good driver". Tsk, tsk.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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