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Another Record for H-D

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Attaboy Harley! I bought HDI in 87' and have held through 5 splits. Rags to riches baby! Anybody know what bikes they plan to build in their new York factory? Yea, and before all you crotch rocket pilots start dissen H-D, just remember that we bikers need to stick together since we only make up around 1% of the population. Divided it only looks worse. Speaking of 1%, that sure leaves alot of ceiling for growth. The sky is the limit if we only can get more of these pussies to mount a motorcyle. The certainly have no idea what they are missing.
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Congrats to HD, not spend some of that profit and build me a bike that I want. Or spend more on Buell to do it.

Never owned a cruiser, but have tested many, and I would concur with JB's opinion. If there your style, great.

On another note, Longride I don't remember any post on corparate profit from any other manufacturer (except Ducati I think). Is that because they don't publish it, or because you have not found them (not that I mind the flames that occur on a Harley post).
I wonder if their revenues and earnings reports are put together by the same idiot that thinks the shipping increase of 289,000 to 290,000 bikes is a 10% increase. That is a 0.346 percent increase. Are the rest of the projections that fubar?
Everyone riding sportbikes. Now that is a scarry thought. Nothing against sportbikes.
I think they are talking about a 10%^ increase in profits, not sales. Which would indicate they plan on increased sales of HD arm chaps, oversized thongs, and dew rags. I guess the projected life span on all that is up and they all must be replaced ;)
Re: Well, Kook?

2001 600 Ninja listed at 7899.

Today NADA retail = 5095

Kook loses 2804.

2001 DynaGlideSport listed at 13,895

Today NADA retail = 14030

Greyponytailbrotherhood gains 135.

Who're the idiots? The greyponytail brotherhood? Or the Ninja owners?
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Bikers do need to stick together. Why do so many H-D riders look down their noses at all the others? Don't matter what you ride and I ride a H-D; but you won't find me at a Hog Rally. I'd rather ride with people who don't give a hoot for your nameplate/image. Ride free or die,NH.
Their motorcycle production from 2002 to 2003 will be increased 10%. The 2003 targeted production was increased an extra 1000 motorcycles, due to even better than expected sales. Nowhere does it say that the increase of 289,000 to 290,000 is a 10% increase. It takes a mind like yours to mess that one up. Try reading a little more carefully.
Re: As a H-D stockholder I thank you.

Well,,, I was bored, what can I say. Funny thing is we've all seen the type, talking smack all day long, Harley sucks this and ****in' garbage that, until one day look who rolls up on his new Wide Glide, with HD leather coat, HD leather chaps, HD leather finger gloves, HD engineer boots, HD doo-rag and a beanie, It's Sonny KPaul out to kick some jap ass!!!
We did get some BMW sales and profit figures out there. Japanese companies are different. They are diversified corporations that make many products, and finding profits of one division are rarer than hen's teeth. I tried to find Honda's North American motorcycle balance sheets for many months. If you can find one let me know. I can't
One more thought. Try to introduce kids to motorcycling; brothers, nephews, sons, and the girls of course, etc... Their interests may be different now than yours (Motocross, Moto X, Speedway whatever) but I'd bet alot of the Motorcyclists on the road today started out on dirtbikes and minibikes. I believe many worthy lessons in life can be learned with their exposure to our in-common passion. Not everyone is "cut out" to ride, for various reasons but I think it would be to all riders benefit for the sport to grow. Kids seem more willing to try new things than most adults, that's all it took for me.
The increase in production has nothing to do with increased retail sales... it has to do with sales from the factory to dealers.

H-D stock has been hurt a bit recently by concerns over rising retail inventories. Wall Street was also concerned about the slowing growth of HD revenue. Their production of bikes has increased steadily as they've made investments in new factories and manufacturing technology. This modest 1000 bike increase was probably a response to this concern.

I'd imagine many of the changes to the York factory are intended to increase their manufacturing efficiency and lower cost, which also won't hurt them long-term.

I also wonder if their overseas sales have dropped. The economies of their major export markets are much worse than the U.S. economy.

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Good one

LOL Can you do wheelies on that thing? Hey I am not a Poser. If it can't do the 1/4 in less than 11 seconds I am not interested in it. Actually the DynaGlideSport is a nice bike. Is that what you have? The Road Kings and Sportsers I don't like. But I like the FXDX and FatBoy.
KP's predictions

Just remember, this is the guy who recommended betting large on the Raiders.

With H-D selling close to 300,000 units a year I'm sure the death of the cruiser is just around the corner.
Re: As a H-D stockholder I thank you.

No need for racist comments.
Re: As a H-D stockholder I thank you.

Dude, you missed the boat big time.
you forgot about the harley davidson condoms

better wear two......they leak !!!!!!!!
I'm glad Harley is doing well. I don't know too much about the sportbike-cruiser catfight, because I agree we have more in common than we have that separates us. Unfortunately, it has been my experience that it is the Harley riders who refuse to wave back or talk to those of us who don't belong to their "exclusive club." Riders of other makes of cruisers seem as friendly as any other rider. What I call "real" Harley riders, i.e., those who have been on bikes for years, seem quite friendly. It's the new breed of rubbie Harley rider that is the most extreme in their exclusion of the rest of us.

Good news bad news for H-D. Even though revenue is up for the manufacturer, U.S. registrations were down 3% over last year. The "overly cautious" UBS Warburg downgraded HDI to Neutral and the earlier spike in stock price dropped today to a 3.5% loss over Wednesday's close.

I thought the most important revenue increase was that of parts/acccessories, which jumped up 22%. EBITDA numbers looked fairly strong, accomodating for the increase in production.

One thing I've noticed in the past couple of years at their dealerships: There are a lot more motorcycles on the floor than I remember from a few years ago. Almost every model is represented, even at the smaller dealers. Also, most of the dealers I've spoken to in SoCal have started to drop or have dropped completely, the standard MSRP Uplift that had become almost commonplace a few years ago.

HD's response to the decline in registrations is untimely bad weather in Q1, perhaps they're right...

...however, I went into a HD dealer a few weekends ago and counted 12 (counted 'em myself) VRODs on the sales floor...

Don't even get me started on the horrible sales representation of Buells.

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