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Another Record Quarter for Harley

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While I definitely admire The Motor Company's business success (as does Wall Street), and would never want them to fail or disappear, I have to wonder. 227,000 projected production target for 2001? How can so many people desire a $8,000-$21,000 motorcycle? Who are these people and when will the bubble burst, so to speak? I just don't understand the continuing appeal and willingness to wait for their products and pay a premium for them. It's all about image I guess. Someone enlighten me- I'm open minded.
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Both of the harley dealers by me are under the same rules set by harley. every dealership must take a number of sportsters so that 40% of the year's bikes they recieve are sportsters. if they dont sell the sporsters, then that affects the dealers allotment of big twins for the next year.
Re:Nice try

You realize that in order to prevent people "biting" on something, MO would have to stop posting ANY articles about Harley. Next, they will have to stop posting anything about Suzuki/Yamaha cuz of the R1/GSXR squabble. Next will be anything about tourers, cuz the hardcore sportbike crowd will bash on the "couches" and vice-versa. It always happens. ITS MOTORCYCLE ONLINE. MOTORCYCLE being the keyword, ALL motorcycles.

I helped my dad shop around quite a bit for a Road King (Awesome bike), and you can find harley dealers that sell at MSRP, the only problem is that you are on a 1-4 year waiting list. One of the dealers in VA or roundabout there had its next 80 incoming bikes presold. This was about a year ago, and with the cruiser market starting to soften, i dont think it will be a problem too much longer.
Re: Losers one and all...

You just don't get it, do you? MO is here to provide news and info about ALL motorcycles. It is not there fault that people want to act so childish.

You sure like to complain, but do you have any solutions? Gee, it looks pretty easy to and moan all day.

I have a solution for MO, and this should be agreeable with you.

MO, I propose that you stop posting any articles about Harley-Davidson. There is too much static between harley/sportbike riders.

I also propose you stop posting anything about the GSXR-1000. There is too much static between suzuki/yamaha owners.

I also propose you stop posting anything about bikes that weigh over 450 lbs. There is too much static between tourers/30 minute riders.

I also propose you stop posting anything about a bike with more than 160hp. There is too much static between Busa/ZX-12R/CBR1100XX owners.

I also propose that you stop posting anything about offroad riding. There is too much static between the offroad/ PC motorcyclists.

I think if you follow my proposals we will no longer have to put up with people saying MO posts stories with a malicious motivation. OH WAIT, THEN THERE WOULDN'T BE ANY INFO TO POST.
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