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Another Record?

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Here we go again!
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Well, I guess H-D doesn't have to build an SV650 to make money. How DO they DO that?!? ;-)
Re: agree to disagree


While I was reading that post I was thinking the obvious: just another shmoe with an opinion based in absolute ignorance. Then I read this. :-D

Nicely done, longride.
Re: plan of action

Yeah, I guess you're right, ZRX. I have no sense of humor. I guess it's just that some humor doesn't strike me as funny. It would as if I were to look at you, having never met you, and saying, "How can you go about your day knowing how absolutely silly you look being six feet tall with only a 25 inch inseam?"

Knowing that I said that with tongue firmly planted in my cheek doesn't change the fact that it's stupid of me to say it. Get my point?

Where's the old Seruzawa when we need him?
Re: agree to disagree

He didn't say anything offensive. Ignorant but not offensive.
Re: plan of action

Thank you, ZRX. You just made my point. I was JOKING! I was kidding. I wasn't serious. Lighten up! Get real. Get a sense of humor.

Jesus. Now I'm supposed to leave MO because I pissed you off?!? I've grown tiresome? I didn't even reply to your original post because I thought it was funny and I was looking forward to the SOS that usually follows such flame bait.

Generally speaking I think you're a hoot but don't start attacking me without having something real to say.

By the way, if you really ARE six feet tall with a 25 inch inseam I apologize. No offense intended. The next time I see you I'll buy you a pint.
1 - 5 of 135 Posts
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