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Re: Anti-Discrimination Heathly Insurance Bill in Senate

I sent the default email on the AMA website. I personally think it's bullsh!t that an insurance provider would deny coverage to those who engage in 'risky' behavior. If they are going charge a higher premium for those who do, how will the insurance company determine that rate? What if I ride my motorcycle to work everyday as a scuba instructor? Does that mean my insurance would be so high that I need to find a new line of work, or a new mode of transportation? Some of the idiots who post here would say that is my choice and I could just not have insurance. Well as anyone who has ever been injured can tell you, that isn't a good idea. The government does all kinds of stupid crap every day with the law, at least this one will ensure equal coverage for those who actually have insurance. Don't even get me started on the people without any insurance or money (and illegal immigrants) who cost us ALL when they get injured and the bill is picked up by the gov't.
1 - 1 of 76 Posts
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