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Anti-Discr. Heathl Ins. Bill in Senate

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Re: Anti-Discrimination Heathly Insurance Bill in Senate

Finally! All who are sitting-on-the-fence...jump off and get going because the success of this bill makes a huge difference to motorcyclists.
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KPaul, It's a shame that your mother didn't take "reasonable precautions" by putting a helmet on you prior to dropping you on your head. I certainly hope the government doesn't force the tax payers to pay the bill for her foolish oversight. VWW
Re: No time to waste longride.

You got that right. All we need is more KPauls of the world thinking up more reasons for insurance not to pay up. Yeah, lets screw the guy that gets hurt or dies from someone elses action, but wasn't wearing a helmet, but let's pay up for the squid that just busted every bone in his body doing a 100 mph stand-up on the highway and had his helmet on. Some people don't have the brains God gave an ant.
Life is not black and white. Get real

Getting rid of all government is not the answer . Enron ring a bill. Nor is socialism. Life is a series of comprimises, If we let the health insurance companies have their way i.e. with no oversight and regulation then all the folks with diabetes, rode motorcycles, etc would be dropped from insurance coverage. There is a time and a place for government oversight and regulation.

I am not following your argument (rather name calling).

Didn't you know name calling is only allowed when everyone's favorite narcissist is doing it?
Re: Anti-Discrimination Heathly Insurance Bill in Senate

Dude, I work in the healthcare business. If you think it's unregulated than you know very little about modern healthcare in this country.

Overregulation is what's screwing up the system. Can you think of any other industry where you need "insurance" to pay for your purchases?

Thanks for that value added comment.
Too simplistic guys

There is a role for the government to play. We are not talking about the 18th century here.
No wonder your profits were up this quarter

No wonder you are happy with the economy you are in the industry that is ripping us off. Are you in the insurance side, medical devices, ????
Re: Too simplistic guys

Other than the plain and bare meaning of the Constitution, no, government does not have a role.

Let's examine exactly what you are saying when you say "goverment has a role". What you really mean is that some people need to be forced to behave in ways that you define as good for them, good for others, or simply to your own satisfaction, even if they're involved in otherwise voluntary transactions and relationships with no 'criminal' behavior, per se. Goverment is, simply, the power to coerce. Your claims of "too simplistic" are a euphemism for "I don't like what they do so government should make them stop".

If health insurance consumers have a legitimate breach of contract grievance then they have the ability to seek redress in the courts, as they should, without needing to pass new laws governing our behavior.

"The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire." -----Robert Heinlein

It is truely a shame that the fall on your head has clouded your ability to grasp the obvious.

My point, that your myopia precludes you from seeing, is when you complain about the AMA's stance on helmets your argument is that the risky behavior of helmetless riders will wind up costing you money. Your solution to risky behavior ( i.e. motorcycling) is to have the government force insurance companies to provide healthcare to risk takers (motorcyclists, helmeted or bare headed) thereby costing everyone more money, and allowing government to further encroach on our freedoms. VWW
Re: Life is not black and white. Get real

KPaul, Why don't you just quit while your behind? Did it ever occur to you that Enron did what it did despite the millions of dollars the taxpayers have paid our bloated bureaucracy of a government to protect us?

I am somewhat heartened to hear that you don't think socialism is the answer. It is however a shame that you haven't picked up on the fact that all of the wealth redistribution policies that you advocate (like this insurance boondoggle) are socialistic in nature. VWW
Re: Too simplistic guys

Pehaps someone should warn KPaul that at least one government, powerful enough to force it's will on the people, had a "role to play" in having a pogrom for the congenitally retarded. VWW
Buz works for in the health care biz thats why his profits were way up and

He loves Bush

From the Right wing wacko government who brought you Iraq, we bring you....</b
Re: Too simplistic guys

"If health insurance consumers have a legitimate breach of contract grievance then they have the ability to seek redress in the courts, as they should, without needing to pass new laws governing our behavior." Hey I got some samp land to sell you. Do you really believe that?
Best post here.

Well said.

My finger was trembling on the reply button to our favorite dolt however I will refrain even after being accused of being in the insurance industry.

Quite the opposite in fact, I've been an advocate for providers and hospitals for more than 12 years now. I've led more than 750 seminars in 47 different states teaching Dr's and Hospitals the business end of the industry which includes dealing with endless regulation, Medicare, and Insurance payment tactics all brought about by removing the consumer from the equation due to a third party paying the bill.

All one must do is look at the part of the medical industry that is least regulated (cosmetic surgery) and not paid for through insurance. Prices are not soaring. There is no "crisis" or shortage. The free market is working perfectly.

To surmise I'm a shill for the insurance industry is laughable. I've had insurance types get up and storm out of my sessions.

Swing and a miss for the dolt again.
Re: Furthermore..........

So what is your product Mr. B.S. What are you selling? What is your service? What would you suggest ending Medicare? Go back to the 18th century where only the rich and healthy could afford Health Care. Go back and ask yourself why Medicare and Insurance was invented. Come on , we have heard your right wing wacko criticisms. How about some real solutions??????????????????????????????
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