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If you want a bike to gas and ride,this aint it. if you want a fast bike or a reliable weekend tourer,this aint it. if you are a vintage bike type of guy who likes tinkering with stuff and want to use it to cruise around the local two lane...go for it. An aquaintance of mine (who races and wrenches vintage race bikes) had one. He had an article from somewhere that outlined some fixes you should do immediately. I believe he changed ignition and carb. the bike was stone reliable by vintage standards. Basically,like any vintage bike,you need to adjust and tighten constantly(and always remember "Locktite is your friend).

To summarize: If you want a modern bike,this aint it If you want a vintage bike this is an easy,cheap and relatively carefree way to get into it.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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