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Wow. Are there some narrow minded folks on here.

First off. As a first bike (ever) No. Don't do it. I'm an avid vintage bike guy but I still own a modern ride for days I can't be bothered with reliability issues. If you already have a good solid reliable bike and have a desire to own a british classic (and want a dealer network to go with it) then this a a great bike. It doesn't look like and old bike. It is an old bike. With 50 years of production and tons of parts and upgrades.

To those of you who dismiss it as just an old POS (so why bother), I can't change your mind and won't try. Much as I hate this phrase I think it's appropriate in this case... "You just don't get it".

Believe it or not there is more to bikes than reliability and top speed and mileage. The best thing about motorcycling is that it's ultimately a personal experience. There is room for track addicts, Iron Butt maniacs, MotoX or even Orange County Choppers (well maybe not OCC), I don't understand their motivation though I get do the passion.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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