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Hey, I'm not a female rider, but my wife is.

Keep in mind that the safety course is a beginner course. It is taught as if you have limited or no knowledge of riding. They will teach you how to operate a bike; How to turn, shift, stop, start. They will go through all of the basics.

We purchased the bike for my wife before the safety course date arrived so we spent quite a lot of time in parking lots going over the basics and taking it slow. When it came time to take the safety class she was ready and relaxed as I used the same exercises that the course uses when I was helping her get started.

Unless you get flustered easily, I wouldn't be too concerned. The course doesn't get you "road ready" but it does teach you how to operate a motorcycle.

Also, I know this is true for AZ and PA, the course requires you to wear boots that cover the ankle, AZ supplied a helmet but PA did not and you needed to bring your own. Both AZ and PA required you to wear a jacket and PA required riding gloves.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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