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Two good responses.

I took the MSF course so long ago I can barely recall it. However, I had essentially no clue how to ride a motorcycle. I just got a bug to ride and slunk into a Honda dealer one day (totally embarrassed and a little scared), looked around, and was about to leave when one of the sales guys collared me. I wound up buying, a few weeks later, a 500cc Shadow. I rode that for a week or so (with a learner's permit at least) and then took the MSF class. The class was fine - I was treated with dignity, and that was 21 years ago. The bikes were small and controllable. I learned a lot about road safety in the classroom sessions, too.

What I have heard from other women in the years since is that classes differ. Some locations will offer classes for women only. (Not every woman wants that sort of thing, but some can do better without guys at times, and these classes are designed for them.) Some MSF locations are better than others for various reasons - some have misogynistic or incompetent instructors and should be avoided if you have a choice.

What you might want to do is check out the women's riding clubs in your area and talk to other women who ride. Find out from them where they would recommend you go for a class.

Best of luck!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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